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2014 - This year has proven to be a very exciting start as Lou will be filming features in NY, Boston and LA. In addition there are two other films scheuled for the end of this year beginning of 2015 that will be announced once the main cast and financing is completed. Lou will have another screening in June for "The Reluctant Detective" a feature film in which he had the starring role "Fish".

2013 - The private screening of "Pizza Me Mafia" took place in November in the Paramount theater at Paramount Studios. The filming of "Pizza Me Mafia" a story that revolves around a Mafia family running a fake pizzeria business. Lou plays "Dario" the family's consigliere, who in the end saves the business and the reputation of his nephew Joe all in one day. 

2012 - The Private Screening for "The Meltdown Pot" at Paramount was a HUGE SUCESS !!! We had over 400 in attendance resulting in a second screening and the comments were overwhelming.  There was laughter throughout the theater from start to finish. Many networks and studios have requested screeners as well as meetings with  our production company BrightKnight. The night was just surreal to say the least. Check out the pictures by clicking HERE

The premiere of "The Meltdown Pot" will be screened on March 27th at Paramount in the Sherry Lansing Theater. There is confirmation of a series of network pros attending to see if the pilot is something that fits their current programming. The pilot has been compared to shows like "Modern Family", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Two and a Half Men" and "Friends". Lou not only produced and acted in this pilot but he also took on the responsibility of Assistant Director. This pilot has great writing, acting and above all clever timing as it involves characters from every culture and religion from around the world like America’s giant melting pot. “The Meltdown Pot” explores all of our differences in a fun, lighthearted and feel good manor. 

This year, Lou is scheduled to co-star in the dark comedy "A Prodigal Feast" co -written by Guile Branco (Lou's partner from BrightKnight Entertainment). This film has gained a ton of notoriety in the past few months together with a rewrite and the partnering of Equilibrium Entertainment as joint producers who are going to provide lighting, sound, studio use and post editing. This news has dramatically changed the dynamic of this film giving it tremendous production value without spending a dime. In June a film also written by Guile titled "Black Market Price" is scheduled for pre production. This film has won three awards for it's script and has turned heads in Hollywood. This film has a budget of over 12 million and several celebrities have been approached to star in it. There are talks with Sony to use the same 3D cameras that James Cameron used in his latest film "Avatar".  Lou has two other films scheduled for filming this year, which have A list celebrities attached. Stay tuned as to the outcome; at this point the titles can not be released until we get further in the negotiations 





2011 - 2010

"2011 - Lou just finished producing / acting in "The Meltdown Pot", a TV sitcom that is in post at the moment and is scheduled for a premiere at Paramount sometime in March 2012. This particular shoot was to put the "pilot" episode in front of the networks for pick up consideration. In June, Lou played Sal a diner owner on the new reality show "Bear Swamp Repo" it will air on TruTV between the end of July to Beginning of September. The film "The Level" is currently being shown under the title D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) on Showtime and The Movie Channel. IF you get either of these premium channels, check it out - but be warned, it's not for someone who doesn't care for blood, violence or bad language ;) 
 The Reluctant Detective" It's about a TV actor who plays a detective on a popular cable show who reluctantly gets involved in a murder investigation while on vacation with his wife in a small town. Lou plays Fish, a good hearted but tough as nails gangster that helps this TV actor. Bennett Stephens (played brilliantly by Bristol Pomeroy) solve a double homicide that takes place while vacationing. The movie takes you through Bennett's day to day life while trying to stay away from the murder investigation, but finds himself right in the middle with the help of his wife Kelly played by Elise Rovinsky (yet another consummate & accomplished actor) and many other colorful characters, not unlike Fish. Christopher S. Lombardi the Director/Writer/Producer has a remarkable way of tying lines of the script back to one another as the movie develops: "The script is why I was drawn to the film, it was after reading it, I knew I had to be involved", says Lou. Keep a lookout for this film in the near future as it's one of those hilarious old comedies that is a MUST SEE!!!!! 
He just finished a commercial for the cable network Starz specifically for their sister network Encore. He played an office worker fixing a copy machine talking about the move classic "Fletch" keep an eye out for him. Lou also did some print / commercial work for a pharmaceutical company that will be airing in several countries including the US.  


LOU'S WORK IN 2008 - 2009

Lou, did some print / video work for a cholesterol medicine  by Merc pharmaceutical. Lou booked a dual role in the romantic comedy "The One Nighter" as a priest (yes a priest) and a mugger.  He recently got called from the producer Jill Jaress  who asked if he would return to LA to film some additional scenes. The film "The Level" got distribution and he is waiting to hear more on where the film will end up. For the moment you can catch it on cable on Showtime titled "D.O.A Dead on Arrival". Lou joined "BrightKnight Entertainment" as an excecutive and jointly with Guile Branco, plans on producing / acting in films. Two of these films have  been previously written by Guile and together they are activley looking for investors to start production as soon as possible. He landed the role as Sonny in a feature film dark comedy titled "Wiper" playing a "creepy" super of an apartment building where he has the whole place wired. There is a lot of laughter going on just trying to film the scenes. "Wiper" is in post at the moment and hopes of a release by early next year. 


Lou's commercial spot for Optimum Online has been on the airwaves for over three months now currently being shown in the NY, NJ and CT area. Keep an eye out for him, he plays an owner of a paint store. (CHECK IT OUT IN "TRAILERS/CLIPS" PAGE) He has booked two films, "The Killing Machines". and "Between Two Evils".

"The Killing Machines" is a very exciting film to be shot in both 35mm and HD. Lou plays Marciano the loyal right hand man to the New York’s #1 mob boss. It is now completed and being entered in several festivals. "Between Two Evils", a short film and is the abridged version of the feature length film. The short will be used as a proof of concept in efforts to raise capital (and or sell the rights) and will also be submitted to the festival circuit. Lou plays Lt. DeRosa a tough, ambitious, self-serving police lieutenant trying to find out what his two detectives are up to behind his back. Sounds just like Lou.  Lou booked a print ad in Maxim magazine for a Footlocker advertorial and will be on news stands around February 15th in the March issue. Look for Lou in a two page ad as a jewelry clerk showing a sneaker to two young buyers.


Check out  -Lou's Trailers & Clips by "Clicking here "   (Warning - R rated) Stay tuned - more to come!!


"Between Two Evils" - appeared in the NBBC Film Festival in NYC and the Reel Time Film Festival. See the article online here: http://www.filmclick.com/wordpress/?p=414


" The killing Machines” : - Got distribution and we are waiting to see them in the video stores soon... 


"Solidarity" was picked for THE MAYOR'S AWARD at the Heart of gold International Film Festival!" This was the film's Australian premiere, and the inaugural event for a very special festival.  The spirited festivities took place October 26-29, 2006 in the town of Gympie, Queensland, Australia.  The whole town turned out for the event and the Australia's well-respected news program, Australian Story, shot a documentary of the festival (available for viewing November 13).


Lou booked a role as Al Scarcella, yes - you guessed it, a "mafia boss" in an Indi feature film called "The Level" (currently, a working title). It's scheduled to begin filming in Marietta, Ohio in October/November. Lou is real excited for the chance to work with the Crook Brothers as their latest films "Salvage", Fittest, and "Ghetto Dawg 2" received great reviews. Salvage was accepted into the 2006 Sundance Festival which really turned some heads. "I can't wait to work with this group; they leave a lot of room for charactor interpretation which will give the final product a nice real and raw look." Lou has just returned from shooting in Ohio for the Indi feature film "The Level". Back in NY, Lou has one more scene to be shot and also some green screen work. Then the film will be in its "second unit" phase and should be completed by year end. It was shot on 35mm "2 perf" Russian cameras and the dailies look fantastic. "The hardest thing at this point is waiting for the final product which is scheduled to be completed by January 08."


Lou just finished filming a short film called 'Disconnect' where he played "Chief of Detectives" once again! Lou worked with the same Director and DP as on the feature film "People on Monday". Most recently, Lou booked a role as Harvey a "Corporate Executive" in the music biz in a TV pilot titled 'Face the Music'. This project filmed in August 06 and is going to be submitted to Comedy Central for a TV Pilot.Lou completed the role as the "Police Chief" in a feature film titled 'People on Monday' which finished shooting in July 06 and is currently in post production.Lou booked a role as a "Mafia guy" (playing Louie "Knuckles", go figure) in a short film titled 'Cupidity' which filmed in June. (film clips are available on the 'Trailers & Clips' page)


Lou booked a role portraying Detective Wally Talbot, who was originally assigned the Neufeld case (a suburban housewife brutally killed in 1978) until he retired 3 years later. This case and many others is a new series for The Discovery Channel called "Sensing Murder". Each episode includes reenactments of unsolved murder cases and involves two top psychics to help provide detectives with fresh insights into the cases - hopefully bringing some resolution to the families of the victims. The series is scheduled to air in October/November.


Lou also performed as "Eddie Carbone" in the play "A View from the Bridge". The limited production completed its run at the end of March. "It was great to get back to my theatre roots and flex that muscle one doesn't use when filming". "Eddie Carbone was one of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles I have played in a while.


Lou played an Undercover Cop in "Prone to Violence", which aired on Warner Cable TV in NY for the month of August.


Lou completed the Japanese TV Drama where he played an FBI unit chief and had a great time. "I got to race down midtown with lights flashing and tires screeching, jump out, race to an apartment where I arrested a suspect for drug trafficking".