The Meltdown Pot Premiere

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The evening of the Premiere - click on each pic to enlarge

This evening was the most unbelievable experience yet!! There we stood on the grounds of Paramount Studios where so much history has past through before... Our Pilot "The Meltdown Pot" was recieved with an overwhelming respons that we had to add a second screening to accomadate the over 400 in attendance. . .

With my beautiful bride

On the steps of the Sherry Lansing Theater

The two men who made this Premiere possible

Tom Brace and Guile Branco ~ We thank you !!!!

Goofballs off camera but very serious on set....

Guile Branco, Raja Deka, David Imani, Lou D'Amato

Actor / Producer

Mad's Finegan-Smith played Brandon one of the three children in the Pilot... "He's is a joy to work with on set"

The Crowd

What a response!!!

We feel blessed for the amount of people showed to see the Pilot... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...

We made it!!!

Guile - Executive Producer / Writer / Actor with Lou - Producer / Assistant Director / Actor

Some of the Producers

Front ~ David Imani, Guile Branco, Lou D'Amato - Back, Arthur McClen

Before the first screening ~ cameras galore

Guile, Gaby, Lou

The "Boyz"

These guys can accomplish anything and the Premiere proved that...The backstory alone for these men is testimony to who they are today!!!

Our Second Family in Cal...

Steve, Carol, Bill and Joey - and me peeking in the background - Bill is my college roommate and has been a huge support for my career and not surprisingly a big contributor for this pilot by donating his plane and sports car... Thanks Bill...

At club Entourage

The last of the group to leave the club during the after party!!!!

Outside The Entourage during the after party

Debbie, Lou, Raja and Guile