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A View from the Bridge

While it had been some years since I flexed my theatre muscle, it didn't take long to feel the excitement and ferver being up on stage.... Thank you Lasting Impression for the chance and mostly, Joe Sireno for his masterful insight and "free reign" direction.


Roy Devito, Tanya Drago, Lou D'Amato, Jordana Kritzer, Eric Gonzales, Director Joseph Sireno

Beatrice actually ruled the roost.... (She really was scary)

In charactor - Alferi, Catherine, Eddie & Beatrice Carbone, Rodolfo & Marco

Eddie demanding respect!

Rodolfo explaining "freedom" to Catherine

Eddie protecting his nest.

Eddie had a concealed, creepy admiration for his niece

Roy bringing out the lawyer in Alferi.

All the deceit and obsession caught up to Eddie in the end.