His True Passion

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The wind beneath my wings

Without the complete support from my wife Debbie, it would be impossible to even think about pursuing my passion of acting. It takes so much dedication and time between training, acting and just beating the bushes; it leaves little time for her. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart and hope that someday I can repay her for her help and inspiration. Love you, Lou

Lou and his wife Deb

Peeling the onion

They say, behind every man is a great woman, and in my case that would be an understatement. It was Debbie’s unselfish and genuine support that inspired me to throw a lucrative corporate career out the window and pursue my passion for acting. It's been a long hard road so far and there are days I worry about what I might have dragged Deb into. But when I walk through that door after long days, weeks, sometimes months of nothing to show for it, I look across the room and see that smile on her face; it makes it all worth while. I swear, Deb is as thrilled as I am when I book that job or get that callback. I definitely am the luckiest man I know. Deb, thanks for keeping me grounded - Lou